Who I am

A quantumphysics PhD disguised as developer.

What I do

I work at ITQ making awesome stuff. Years ago, a close friend jokingly remarked ‘every smart person ends up in IT at some point’. I shrugged it off at the time, but here I am.

Why I do it

While I studied physics, and started a career in it, I always coded. In fact, when my dad brought home a Compaq ‘portable’ – it weighed >10kg and had no battery – I was sold.

My first coding machine

My first coding machine

When I didn’t play Monkey Island, Civilization and Populous, I learned myself how to program in Turbo Pascal and plain C using a worn 2nd hand Kernighan & Ritchie at age 12.

Still the best plain C intro

Still the best plain C intro

Over the years I dabbled in x86 assembly (<256 byte snake, U+V pipeline maximum optimized Mandelbrot routine in the last manually optimizable CPU, the Pentium 1), inspired by Game Developer magazine and my all time coding hero Michael Abrash who is now at Valve (remember his Zen of Assembly language) and for my study and work I used C++, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, LabView and more.

This baby contained the Zen of Assembly language, still an awesome read

This baby contained the Zen of Assembly language, still an awesome read

When eventually the physics ecosystem wound me down and I had my PhD, I decided to leave superconductivity and cleanrooms for others and started my own enterprise coding a MMO browser game in Java. One of my childhood dreams was to make a game someday, and this was a chance. Of course it failed on the money front, but I learned web development as a side effect.

More than 20 years after my first Hello World I’m still developing, this time at an awesome company, and predominantly in C#/.NET, but never forgetting the bare metal days.


  1. Hi Ruurd,

    My apologies for not being able to make it to the DotNed UG tonight due to a family emergency in Belgium. I hope to be able to deliver the session during a later trip to the low lands.



    1. Hi Bart,

      I wish you a lot of strength, and hope I’ll catch your session the next time you drop by.



  2. I love !
    Have you thought about having a feature allowing to compare 2 plug-in versions to check which objects / properties /methods were added / removed. Had a workflow to do this from VSO.xml a long time ago but if I had this feature on It would be available to anyone online !


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